Sunday, March 27, 2005

Extreme Accounting

The stale mediocrity of some peoples' existence can become overwhelming. Accountants are widely regarded as having the most stale and most mediocre of existences so it's actually quite encouraging to see that hot on the heels of extreme ironing comes extreme accounting. The brain child of Arnold Chiswick, self-proclaimed 'Major, 1st Airborne Insolvency Division and Founder and Sec., Extreme-Accounting' it's portrayed as an ejector seat for accountants from the sheer boredom that comprises their working lives.

Extreme accounting is the latest - and unlikeliest - adrenaline sport. Accountants visit challenging locations like mountain tops, seabeds, caves and rollercoasters. And, inspired by the extreme ironing craze, they take their work with them...

South African Keet Van Zyl [External Consultant specializing in Growth & Acquisition Finance, for Investec Private Bank, Cape Town] is the sport's reigning champion.

A spokesman for the Chartered Institute of Management Accounting said: "It's a phenomenon that pushes accountants to their limits - and beyond."

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