Friday, June 22, 2007

The Top 21 International Films. Discuss.

A list put together by a friend of a friend. Pan's Labyrinth and Cache are very worthy inclusions.

  1. Fateless (Hungary/Poland)
  2. The Clay Bird (Bangladesh)
  3. Paradise Now (Occupied Palestinian Territories)
  4. Tsotsi (South Africa)
  5. Osama (Afghanistan)
  6. City of god (Brazil)
  7. Spirited Away (Japan)
  8. Children of heaven (Iran)
  9. Moolade (Senegal)
  10. Pan’s Labyrinth (Mexico)
  11. Etre Et Avoir (France)
  12. The Edukators (Germany)
  13. Life Is Beautiful (Italy)
  14. Almost Brothers (Brazil)
  15. The Colour Of Paradise (Iran)
  16. Whale rider (New Zealand)
  17. Cache (France)
  18. Au revoir, les enfants (France)
  19. Central Station (Brazil)
  20. The motorcycle diaries (Argentina)
  21. Abandoned (Hungary)

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