Monday, January 07, 2008

The prodigal son a husband!

With rapidity equal only to the stealth with which I temporarily fled the blogosphere, permit me to bring you right up to scratch with events whilst on cyber-sabbatical.
  • I got "married, married" (fortunately to the same person I got "married" to). Having once been the "leading intergalactic contender for the coveted title of happiest man in existence", I have now fought off all competition.
  • Honeymooned in Malaysia - luxuriated in Langkawi, feasted in KL and trekked in Borneo
  • I managed to prise off my Brum-magnet and have relocated to Das Kapital itself. Sometimes I still see the Rotunda in my dreams.
  • My paediatric mantle has been placed in the wardrobe for now (not without successfully sitting my postgrad exams first) as I don the cloak of general practice.

With this humble offering I beg your pardon and resume service as normal.

Oh and for the doubters out there, I completed the 10k run (without the need for any major medical intervention).


Anonymous said...

Completed the 10k run eh? Yeah right! I had to carry you past the finish line and then drive you to the nearest restaurant for nihaari...

Anonymous said...

eh? I'm confused..but MABROOK nonetheless! :D

Your posts are often hard to understand...hmm this is JUST suggestion but could you make them more friendly for under-16 child prodigies like me? :P

YES, i read your blog all the time..

Haven't really checked it out in quite a long time...until today, had nothing to do during form I thought why not go onto that Mehrali dudes blog for some..literature inspiration! haha

Awesome blog! Keep it up!