Sunday, April 05, 2009

On Ladybirds and Tree-hugging

From last week's Editor's Choice over at the BMJ:
And still in London, general practitioner registrar Tauseef Mehrali watches a film depicting brutal social realism as part of a training session on child protection: "We were challenged to investigate our own triggers for initiating child safeguarding proceedings and to confront subconsciously held stereotypes: is the failing of a parent to conform to our own usually middle class social norms a justifiable trigger? Perhaps more importantly, is conforming sufficient reason to overlook? ... The UK is the worst developed nation in which to be a child, according to both UNICEF and the Good Childhood Inquiry. General practitioners are at the forefront and therefore perfectly placed to guide a redressing of the balance. Encouraging trainees to discuss these issues in novel ways can only help this process."
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